Monday, 6 August 2012

Will You Spare Me?

Tall and mighty I stand with my friends,
Trying to reach out and touch the sky.
I watch the clouds move free and happy,
They're always busy traveling, I wonder why.

I dance to the rhythm of the soothing wind,
Whose every touch raise my spirits high.
I'll grab the soil firm if the wind went wild,
And stand a natural roof for every passerby.

Overwhelmed with joy, I permit a little bird,
To build upon my hands her soft cozy nest.
I make a silent promise that during angry weather,
To protect her delicate one's, I'll always do my best.

Water gushes out with the clash of the clouds,
As an unfailing reply to my call.
And sprays its coolness over the hills and plains,
Helping life to grow steady and tall.

I wait with immense pride and patience,
As the sweet ones I bear grow day by day.
To satisfy the hunger of both men and beasts,
I readily though painful give them away.

I wonder with grief how long would it take,
Before I feel the cutter's axe piercing me.
With my existence restricted I just can't imagine,
What life on this earth would be.

To those who can think and work on their thoughts,
This is what I would like to say;
Spare me today and I shall prove to you
That tomorrow will be a much brighter day.