Monday, 25 June 2012

Misogynist Minds

Misogyny is an unreasonable fear or hatred of women. It is an emotional prejudice based on phobia or dislike. It has no formal ideological position other than to denigrate females.

Misogynists have amazing minds. There's a lot we can learn from them. Especially for women, if they want to discover their true selves and get more inner understanding. Here are a few thoughts based on observation, reading and some unavoidable experiences of living in a patriarchal society:

- Misogynists don't like to come out in the open with their hatred. They take refuge behind religion, gender stereotypes, patriarchy, custom, tradition, family values, honor etc.

- Misogynists think they know more about women's bodies, their choices and emotions than women themselves. They are 100% sure that when we talk about one woman, it means ALL women.

- Misogynists like to carry their sexism around. According to them 'women-folk' are a different 'species' whose main purpose is to care and provide sex.

-  Misogynists believe women love to spend their whole day in front of the mirror. They think this is what causes sexual crimes against them, but women who don't do it are surely lacking something.

- Misogynist can be found in male or female gender. They grow up in rigid patriarchal environments. Surprisingly, misogynsts come from seemingly liberal environments too.

- Misogynists think it's ok to rape women during a war because war is all about destroying your enemies life and property. And we know all women belong to some or the other men, right?

- Misgynists with religious beliefs don't like atheist women. They don't like women who don't subscribe to religions that 'teach them their place'. They like religion because it gives them sanctions and rules on how to oppress women so it makes the job easier. The women who see through this are clearly stubborn and arrogant.

- Misogynists without religious beliefs think sexism is something only religous people do. They blame religion for treating women badly and remain ignorant of the misogyny within atheist circles.

- Misogynists think only men can rape. And only women can prevent it.

- Mysogynists don't like lesbian women. Because it's the main duty of a woman to sexually satisfy men and lesbians don't do that. They instead 'choose' to go with other women and not be 'real' women.

- Misogynists may or may not support rape but they have the ability to empathise with rapists. They think it's the woman's responsibility to avoid it because hey, when a guy is busy doing the raping how can you give him the additional burden of stopping it. Wearing short skirts, walking in dark corners, going out late at night, not learning defense methods etc are all the causes for rapes to happen.

- Misogynists don't like women who disgree with them, speak sense or have strong opinions of their own. They believe women should learn in silence and be only good listeners.

- Misogynists think they have a great sense of humor. And they love to display their great sense of humor through rape jokes, pejorative mother-in-law and bad-wife jokes etc. But negative humor about fathers-in-law and husbands are offensive.

- Misogynists give high value to respect - when it comes to receiving it. The don't understand it's a mutual thing.

- Misogynists think sports is a 'guy-thing'. They watch only men's matches and games. Women ought to be preparing sandwiches while they're doing so.

- Misogynists appear to be obsessed with female sexual anatomy, their fears centering on the vagina. They find feminists annoying because feminists make women sound like more human than mere breathing sexual objects.

- Misogynists rely on stereotypes, myths and misrepresentations to propagate their misogyny. Ancient people's understanding of human bodies and oppressive tradional practices/beliefs are more intellectually satisfying for them than the knowledge provided by modern science and medicine.

- Misogynists often support crimes against women and also commit crimes against women. In the end, they explain how women were responsible for it and women could have prevented the harassment if they tried. Those who didn't try, deserved it.

- Misogynists hate women/men pointing out their misogyny or even generally talking about it. They instantly resort to saying 'feminism is one-sided', 'men face oppression too' or report cases where 'other women face more worse situations hence the current incident is invalid'.

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